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Events in Buena Vista, Colorado

Need space for hosting your Buena Vista events or a particular special event? Liars’ Lodge is no stranger to group retreats or private events and we’ve got plenty of space for your event. We’re very familiar with special interest group retreats for knitters, quilters, and scrapbookers and even have all the equipment and power supply for your crafts and projects. From business retreats to intimate weddings, we’ll assist with the coordination of your event and be there every step of the way. Many of our retreat packages include group discounts, meals and snacks, and extra perks for your group. Our event space can be rearranged to your requirements and the space is essentially yours the weekend you have it booked.

Want more information about hosting your event or wedding at Liars’ Lodge? We’d be happy to discuss details and pricing over the phone at (888) 542-7756 or at (719) 395-3444. We look forward to hearing more about your retreat or special occasion!

 (888) 542-7756