Would like to say thanks for the stay at your fabulous lodge   …   Your place is great; it’s a pinewood palace, and we loved the view from it’s perch on the banks of the Arkansas   …   wonderful Buena Vista hospitality. Thanks!

Frank Serrano

Very relaxing stay. The setting is perfectly set above the river. Breakfast buffet was amazing and Mike was a great host. Can’t wait until they get the hot tub installed this year.Cristopher & Kerri Dremann

Thanks for the hospitality and the fishing lesson. I now know the thrill of trout fishing in Colorado. I’ll be back to get a lesson on mule deer. Looking forward to the next visit.

Lynn & Thad Woodward

Beautiful lodge, perfect accommodations, excellent food, superb hospitality, and a spectacular view. Thank you very much for a wonderful time.

The Pritzers


Your beautiful lodge and its surroundings are only secondary to your warmth and hospitality. This includes … Dyna (the dog). We’ll be sure to show our pictures and tell our friends where to vacation.

Lee & Julie Bradshaw

Thank you for a very relaxing and enjoyable two days. This area of the country has something for every member of the family to enjoy and you certainly have a little piece of heaven here. You will surely become a mainstay in this part of Colorado.

Fay, Dean, Allie & Andy Minarich

Our first night in Pine Creek room was spectacular and the afternoon was wonderful! I spent most of the day with Dyna and David spent the afternoon fishing with Carl. What a treat! Our second night in ZoomFlume was absolute luxury! The spa tub is such an added bonus. The view is breath taking. Thanks to all for the hospitality and thanks Carl for the helpful directions over Cottonwood Pass. What an adventure! Your home is absolutely beautiful and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

David & Jennifer O’Brien

… Good eats
… Rushing river lullaby
… Rustic pine
… Friends and wine
What a relaxing getaway!

Jen & Kent

 (888) 542-7756