The Arkansas River has now been recognized as the longest stretch of Gold Medal water in the state. The Caddis hatch on the Arkansas is world-renowned and a top-water fly man’s dream. Prime fishing starts in mid-April and ends right here at the lodge in mid-May and with our third of a mile of virtually exclusive frontage it’s the perfect spot for a great catch. The river can be a little high and wild from mid-May through the Fourth of July but starts settling down after the holiday. By mid-August, the fishing is exceptional all the way through Mid-October.

Guided trips are available through the lodge all season but spring is the best time as there’s even a Caddis Festival in early May put on by Trout Unlimited.

Local lakes open up in May and are well-stocked all summer and you can fish the lakes well into October. Bait is allowed but some fishers prefer lures and flies.

Nearby reservoirs (seven less than an hour away) open up in April or May. These seem to reach their peak when the rivers are too high for most of us, June and early July, but they fish well all season. Troll, toss lures, or use your fly rod to catch Rainbows, Cutthroats, Browns, Kokanee Salmon, Pike, or Monster Mackinaw. Guided trips are available through the lodge all season.

High mountain lakes open up in July and are good through September and sometimes into October. Most involve hiking, but some are reachable by 4×4 or ATV. Here Cutthroats abound and flies and lures are best.

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