ATV’s, 4×4’s & Dirt Bikes


Never been on an ATV? Try it and you’ll be hooked for life. On the west side of the Valley, ride to ghost towns, old mine sites, cross the Continental Divide in several places (over 12,000 ft. in elevation), and ride on a multitude of other passes. The high mountain 4×4 passes do not usually open up until early July, but remain open well into October. Off the showroom SUVs can tackle most passes with ground clearance and low range being very important.

The east side of the Valley is lower and a lot drier. You can ride almost all year here. The routes are a lot less rocky than the west side (they don’t call these the “Smooth Mountains,” you know) and the views are amazing. Rentals and tours are available, or bring your own (re-jetting of Off Highway Vehicles may be necessary).

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